I'm so happy you like Serdar.


I found the earring that you lost.


I think this is something Tai would really have enjoyed.

What shall we eat tonight?

I'm the only one who knows where Ram is.

When did man start to use tools?

Takeo felt in his pocket for the ticket.


We're very proud of you all.

His little sister is fuckable.

Please don't be angry!

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This valley is very fertile.

I've got a feeling that you're going to like this movie.

Food is always good.

I know the rules by heart, but I'm not so good playing.

Do you know exactly where Hannibal crossed the Alps?

In a cardboard box she has fruit, raisins, nuts, oats, kefir and canned fish of sardines, tuna and mackerel.

The committee will be opposed to the proposal.

This is all Pantelis's fault.

I need you to help me find him.

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Rajesh asked if I'd found my key.

What operas are being performed at the Lincoln Center right now?

You can't just do this.

Morton has been trying to avoid Helge.

He is very sullen now.


What is the title of the book?


The structure isn't strong enough to support so much weight.


The President's mansion is located in the capital city.


We couldn't understand what the baby was trying to say.

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Rats! I've got to work overtime again.


We ate until we were satisfied.

Elias said he found a wallet in the back seat.

I just met her on the street.


The boat was under sail.

Ramon didn't sound as enthusiastic as Amigo.

The boy put his hand in his pocket.

This book seemed interesting.

Louis weighed his options.

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Don't make me ask you again.

Classes are small.

We thank you very much!

I couldn't catch my breath.

I'm not motivated by money.

You must get lecture tickets in advance.

Are you allowed to fish here?

It tastes a lot like chicken.

The student strove for excellence.

Shadow would never try to steal my job.

It won't be long before we know the results.

I'd like to get out of here.

I think I'm going to fail a subject.

Why he killed himself is still a mystery.

Her condition is taking a turn for the better after the operation.

They went on board a liner.

Someone told me that the most beautiful women in the world live in Boston.


What is the weather like?

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I think I'm going to go inside.

What made him leave his home and run away late at night?

She hid a necklace.

He said he would lend me some money, and he was as good as his word.

These trousers need pressing.

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I've met them a few times.

Konstantinos walked across the bridge.

Who's the fastest one here?

We accomplished everything we wanted to.

Emil, a 12-year-old boy, can speak four languages.

Billie could not help smiling.

This furniture's in the way.

I'm late. Al is going to kill me.

I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.

Please come!

Just take a deep breath.

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You know some French, don't you?

Here he began to recount his misfortune in detail.

It's very nice of you to help me.

We often eat together.

The value of the dollar is going up.

One day, they're going to take away your driver's license.

She yearned for something more than living in a small house in the countryside.

I don't want to see it now.

It looks like it may rain today. I'm worried that our cherry-blossom-viewing party might be canceled.

The victory was dearly won.

I can't run away from myself.

Come and get me.

I was just about to call you.

Imogen of the Internet is translating the works of Shakespeare into her own secret language, which completely consists of animated GIFs from the 90s.

I said that to please my mother.

Bud was at school all day.

This mountain isn't a lofty one.


"Did you kiss her?" "Yes, I kissed her."

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Success often depends on one's temperament.

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I can't take this pain any more.

You can't keep Dirk from wishing he could go to college.

However, they can help him breathe with a machine.

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He is in the habit of staying up late at night.

Is it time you need?

Neil was reading the sports page when Hughes came into the living room.

We may never know why that happened.

Oh, how the Tree trembled!

I am sending you a birthday present by air mail.

I just think you should be more careful, that's all.

No one has the right to expel Dan from this country.

Someone tried to poison Kris.

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Alan is a poet.

This classroom is separated from that one by a wall.

How lazy are you really?

You were never alone.

All except one agreed to his plan.

The woman said the spot was hers.

Move forward one step.


If he had attended the party, they would have been encouraged.

We are in for rain.

My father goes to church on Sunday.

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Material conditions are extremely important.

He aimed at the cornered deer with his gun.

I'm just waiting for a friend.

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Why don't you sing something for me?


Jacob loved Marie and Teri loved him.

Say it in another way.

How do we stop her?

I bet you ten bucks that you can't stay off the grog for a month.

Have I told you that I hate you?

I told you it was going to be fine.

Everyone stared at Dory.

Read it after her.

He got up quickly, splashed cold water on his face, brushed his teeth and shaved.

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Many beautiful flowers bloom in spring.

I won't see him anymore.

Oddly enough, he insisted on his innocence.

Am I really that interesting?

Was it you who squealed to the teacher that I cheated?


The implications are clear.


Has the plaster set?


This is insulting.

Have you drank tea?

I often chew some mentholated gum after a meal.


A hive of bees can pollinate up to three million flowers in a single day.

Children these days don't go to school, but instead receive information intravenously.

Marvin was injured in the explosion.

I'll go shopping.

She prayed that her mother would forgive her.

Just stay out of my suitcase.

It's absolutely impossible for me to go on like this.


Caleb doesn't care for Japanese food.

He rescued the child from the fire.

She sympathized with those unfortunate people.

Siegurd is a bit snobbish.

The less said, the better.


Amos has been reading my mail.

We are going to do this the right way.

All of these have expired.

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I am pressed for time.

I wish my wife was like that.

Both of Louiqa's parents are from Australia.

I'd have figured it out eventually.

Jiri has many cats.

The shopping center is a mile further down the road.

His private papers include a diary of his first year in parliament.


Some women longed to have the right to vote.

Yuck, that smells like shit!

My new Alfa Romeo convertible is light red.

That's Dick's car.

A bit of juice, please.

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The worst comes afterwards.